TurfAid Insecticide Granules

Easy application outdoors to control pests on the ground

Protect-us TurfAid is the perfect choice for the toughest outdoor jobs with no odour, high performance, and long-term residual action. The heavy sand granular formulation penetrates the densest foliage to get the insecticide to where the pests are.

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Termidor 1L

For the protection of structures from subterranean termite damage and for the control of subterranean termites around domestic and commercial structures as specified in the Directions for Use Table. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.

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Professional Water-Based Insecticide

For the rapid control of a wide range of pest species

The Micro-fine Suspension Concentrate of Protect-us Professional Water-based Insecticide is made of particles less than 5 micron in size. Available in 500ML & 1L

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Optigard Ant Bait Gel Professional 30g syringe

Optigard Ant Bait Gel Professional - 30gram syringe


MULTIPEST Termiticide & Insecticide

Long lasting control of pest insects and termites

A professional strength product for both termites and other insects, MULTIPEST Termiticide & Insecticide is the perfect choice for general insect control and termite management, both outdoors and inside your home.

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MaxumPRO125 SC Professional Super Concentrate 500m

MaxumPRO 125 SC Professional Super Concentrate 500 mL

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INVADER MAX Ant & Cockroach Bait

Colony Control effective on black and brown ants

Available in 200G & 500G

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Insecticidal DUST

Ready to use, fast acting dust for many pests

500G-Packaged in a convenient ready-to-use puffer pack, Protect-us Insecticidal Dust can be used on a variety of pests including Ants and Wasps.

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Ficam Wettable Powder Insecticide 150g

Ficam Wettable Powder Professional Insecticide 150g


Fast Knockdown Aerosol Insecticide

Super fast knockdown & kill for flying insects

Protect-us Fast Knockdown Aerosol Insecticide is labelled for the control of Crawling and Flying Insects so you can use it against all pest species. (300G)

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Electric Granule and Dust Applicator Professional

Electric Granule and Dust Applicator - Professional

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DeltaPRO 25 SC Professional Concentrate

DeltaPRO 25 SC Professional Concentrate 1 or 5 Litre

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Cislin 25 Professional Insecticide

Cislin 25 Professional Insecticide is a new formulation of one of the most trusted brands in the Professional Pest Management industry.

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Bulb Duster - Professional

Bulb Duster - Professional PN: BG11005810

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BattleaxePRO Professional Crack & Crevice Aero

BattleaxePRO - Professional Crack & Crevice Aerosol (1 or 12 cans)

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ANTagonist®PRO Professional Residual Insecticide

A suspension concentrate formulation containing a revolutionary new Polymer Enhanced Bifenthrin particle which makes ANTagonist NON-REPELLENT with these 6 unique key features: 1) Non Repellent 2) Rainfast 3) UV Energised 4) Rapid Knock Down First 72 hours


Pestie Dotz - 240 Pack

A professional polymer platform on to which ant and cockroach gel baits are applied. They incorporate a technology at allows them to be attached and removed to flat smooth surfaces without tearing, sticking or leaving any residues when removed.