D-TER Animal & Bird Repellent

D-TER Animal & Bird Repellent (1 or 4 kg)

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What is D-Ter?
- D-Ter Animal & Bird Repellent is a fantastic animal & bird repellent. Ideal for use as a repellent for dogs, cats, birds, possums, kangaroos, bandicoots and more! (Registered for use against all animals and birds).
- Unique product with a clever, safe mode of action
- Not harmful to humans, animals or birds
- Simple to mix & spray onto the selected areas
- Can be used in general areas and buildings
- Will last up to 12 weeks
- Repel animals & birds without harming
- So how does it work? It repels by creating a feeling within the animal that the area is unsafe and threatening. This feeling goes when they move away.
- Use D-Ter to repel birds and animals including dogs, cats, parrots, possums, rabbits, wallabies, rats and mice.
- Acts on the senses of smell and taste of animals entering treated areas, repelling without harming them. In rare cases it may take a few days to deter undesirable habits.

Usage Areas

D-Ter Animal & Bird Repellent can be used in the following situations:
- Building, Sheds, Roofs, Downpipes and Gutters
- Structures, Attics, Ledges and Bridges
- Business, Township, Residences and Country parks and gardens
- Wineries and Vineyards
- Orchards and Market gardens
- Marine areas, Boats and Yachts
- Tree and Bush areas
- Prevents damage to seeds, vegetables, fruit and other plants
- Keeping birds and animals away from fences and buildings to avoid nesting and roosting in unwanted places
- Persuades pets and wildlife to stop spoiling your home and garden.

- Repels birds and animals - including dogs, cats, parrots, possums and rodents
- Repels without harming
- Protects vegetables, fruit trees, ornamentals, seedlings, sheds and buildings from cockatoos, crows, ducks, pigeons, rosellas, starlings, swallows and other birds
- Can be used both indoors and outdoors
- Easy to use - mix with water and spray on
- Effective immediately when dry
- Can last up to 12 weeks
- No withholding periods
- No unpleasant odours
- Not harmful to humans, animals or birds

- Dogs
- Cats
- Possums
- Rats & Mice
- Rodents
- Kangaroos
- Wallabies
- Rabbits & Hares
- Deer
- Foxes
- Bandicoots
- Wombats and other wildlife
- Starlings
- Seagulls
- Wild Ducks
- Galahs
- Feral Pigeons
- Parrots
- Crows
- Rosellas
- Swallows
- Cockatoos
- Mynas and other birds

Research & Development
- Animals are not harmed in any way and children, adults and the public are safe
- Ensures that the animals are alerted and will not frequent ‘their present abode again’
- Has undertaken long term proven performance testing periods
- Is 100% approved by Authorities
- Is not considered a designated poison
- Registered for use against all animals and birds
- NRA Approval No 340181298
- It is referred to in scientific literature as S.A.A.S

Please refer to label for instructions and active ingredients
- A unique product
- Deters them without harming.
- Repels dogs & cats from soiling, digging & chewing in areas where they shouldn’t.
- Protects homes, gardens, patios, shopfronts and paved areas from both dogs and cats or rats and mice.
- Protects seedlings, herbs, vegetables, trees and shrubs from possums, kangaroos, wallabies, rabbits, foxes and other wildlife.
- Yes it is Safe for food crops.
- Protects vegetables. fruit trees, ornamentals, seedlings and buildings from cockatoos, crows, ducks, pigeons, rosellas, starlings, swallows, other birds, fruit bats and micro bats.
- Protects the roof space & the roses from possums!
- Can be used on moored boats to prevent fouling by roosting birds. Protect one plant or a whole area.
- Not considered a poison – no withholding period
- Can be used both indoors & out.

Dilution Rates & Application

1kg pack makes up 20L of spray (treats up to 1200 sq. metres)

100g pack makes up 2L of spray (treats up to 120sq. metres)

Easy to use – mix with water & spray on.

Effective when dry.

Can also be used as a dust, for example as a seed dressing.

Can last up to 8-12 weeks!

Safe, proven & effective.

For use with all native animals and birds it is used at a rate of; 50g is added to 1 litre of warm water & allowed to cool. It is then applied with a garden sprayer or similar. A 100g pack will make 2L of spray & will treat up to 120m

For dogs, cats and other non native pests (such as rats & mice) 2L will treat 60m 2-3 pages of information is provided with your purchase.

After initial treatment repeat occasionally if necessary.


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