Sterlising fumigation - no equipment necessary

STERiSCREEN provides a highly effective and unique method for improved disinfecting. STERiSCREEN uses a thermal smoke and requires no specialised equipment. Available in 25g or 400g

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STERiSCREEN provides a highly effective and unique method for improved disinfecting. STERiSCREEN uses a thermal smoke and requires no specialised equipment. To achieve a thorough sterilisation via the use of STERiSCREEN, all you need do is to light the STERiSCREEN wick - that’s it! The wick sparkles for less than 10 seconds and the disinfectant smoke is released to completely sterilise all surfaces in the room. STERiSCREEN smoke provides a superior level of disinfection since it effectively treats every surface in the room, even hard to reach areas e.g. ceilings, under benches, deep into cracks and crevices, etc. This level of treatment simply cannot be achieved via conventional, physical methods alone.

Using STERiSCREEN could not be easier, the Quick-light Wick™ guarantees release of the smoke first time, every time. After conducting standard cleaning measures, close the building or room to be treated and seal any areas where the smoke could escape. Turn off air-conditioners and smoke alarms; place the STERiSCREEN can on a non-flammable surface and light. Allow the STERiSCREEN smoke to work for several hours, we recommend a minimum of six hours, so leaving it overnight is a good idea. Then, next morning, simply open all the doors and windows to ventilate. STERiSCREEN leaves no unpleasant odours or residues.

STERiSCREEN effectively kills both gram positive and gram negative bacteria, fungal and bacterial spores, algae and viruses. Since STERiSCREEN smoke is light it travels easily through the air attacking even the air-born disease organisms such as bacteria or viruses that conventional cleaning simply cannot control.

The areas where STERiSCREEN can be used are virtually endless, including hospitals, surgeries, public use facilities, toilets, schools, homes, warehouses, offices, shipping containers, food storage facilities, silos, cold stores, veterinary facilities, stables, poultry farms and many, many more.

Active Ingredients: 35g/kg glutaraldehyde / 200g/kg ortho-phenylphenol

How To Use

  1. Calculate the area to be treated in cubic metres.
  2. Select the appropriate can size or number of cans.
  3. If using more than one can place them evenly through the area to be treated and light the cans furthest from the exit first and work your way to the exit.
  4. Ensure you have read the label on the can and follow all label directions.
  5. Place the can(s) on the floor, away from any flammable materials.
  6. Before lighting ensure the area is vacated of all people and animals.
  7. Remove the plastic cover from the Quick-light Wick and ignite.
  8. Leave the building, ensuring it is tightly sealed.
  9. Signpost the building as “Sterilisation in Progress” with a ‘No Entry’ sign.
  10. Leave the building closed and vacated for some hours (usually overnight).
  11. Before re-entering the premises, ventilate for thirty minutes.


Brand Protect-us

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