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Deodorising Household Flea Spray

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Deodorising Household Flea Spray
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SUNDEW Flea Control Deodorising Household Flea Spray can be sprayed on bedding, furniture, carpets, in a room, car, kennel or caravan.

It kills fleas before they have the chance to leap onto your pet so you can rest assured that you are no longer sharing fleas or pet odours with family and friends. 

Sundew Flea Control Deodorising Household Flea Spray does not contain pyrethrin like other products which have been documented to cause sickness (and death) in felines. 

The active ingredient used in Flea Control Deodorising Household Flea Spray was chosen specifically because of its excellent safety profile with domestic companion animals.

SUNDEW Flea Control Deodorising Household Flea Spray is available in two fragrances; vanilla and lavender. One 200 g aerosol can provides a flea free and pleasantly fragrant environment. Suitable for cats, dogs, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits and rodents.





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Love this product

By: on 24 October 2018
I love the Sundew Flea Control aerosol. My cat is very sensitive to many flea products. I even had to take my loved one to the vet because I used the Exelpet Fleaban which almost killed poor Charlie. This product from Sundew fixed my problem and made my home smell amazing - I absolutely love the Vanilla fragrance!!

Love the Sundew Flea Control Deodorising Household

By: on 2 March 2018
I love this product - and so do my pets! I had my cat almost die after I used Exelpet Fleaban. My Vet told me about a new Australian made product called Sundew Flea Control Deodorising Flea Spray. I bought a can and loved it. Normally my cat freaks out when you put spot on products on her back. So I don't use these. The Exelpet product almost killed my precious cat the first time I used it. When I used this new product my cat didn't even know I had used it. No more fleas and the bonus is the lovely vanilla fragrance making my living area smell nice and fresh. Love it! Terrific to have a Aussie product as well.

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